Products & Services

Products & Services

Glen Parquet Flooring offers a full suite of products & services.

We are here to advise and assist you to ensure you understand all about the  comprehensive range of products and styles available. We will help you to understand what type of flooring will suit your needs. and those most suitable for the particular applications and rooms (e.g. underfloor heating; solid versus engineered wood etc.)


  • Site visit for measurement and moisture checking
  • Full fitting service including skirting boards
  • Inclusion of all necessary accessories (foam underlay, door strips, skirting boards, beading, sound insulation etc.)
  • Sanding and varnishing new unfinished floors and restoration of old floors
  • Supply of after-sales accessories (cleaning and polishing products)


From the initial conversation to the completed installation, our service is informative, professional and polite, and focused on customer satisfaction. Our objective is to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with both the work completed, and with their choice of floors. Ensuring the customer makes an informed decision is based on providing the correct information about the types of floor and properties of the preferred timber for their particular application.

Our services are competitively priced and as such represent excellent value for the professional expertise received.

Word of mouth is our advertising. The majority of our sales are referrals from satisfied customers, who are in almost all cases only too happy to show off the new floors to friends and family!   See  Images & Testimonials  most of which we have fitted ourselves.

Products Offered

Timber floors can be divided into several categories. In general 'Parquet' refers to patterned floors, for example Herringbone, Mitered Herringbone or Cheveron, Mosaic, Versailles (where in general the tile is constructed of smaller timber parts, or in the case of Herringbone the entire floor consists of small individual pieces fitted on-site.)




The alternative to 'Parquet' is Strip and Plank flooring. As the name suggests the strip or plank floors are not patterned and run in straight lines through the room.     p003_0_20


Both patterned and strip floors can be solid wood or engineered wood.

Solid Wood timber floors are those that are complete hardwood (the same as is visible at the surface) throughout the depth of the board. All are tongued & grooved (T&G) and are usually fitted glued to the concrete floor or secret nailed to battens (note that fitting solid timber to battens in domestic situations require the concrete floors to be dropped during construction of the house.) Solid planks range in widths from 90mm to 200+ mm and from 18 to 22mm in thickness. All are available in different species of wood.

Examples of our Solid floors are; Octavo, French Oak, American Oak, Merbau, Jatoba, Teak, Walnut.

Engineered Wood

Engineered flooring consists of 3 layers.....
The top layer of Hardwood (the top layer is the actual species of timber visible, e.g. Oak,) the middle layer can be plywood, a softwood or high density fiberboard, and the bottom layer is usually pine. The top hardwood layer is from 2.5mm to 6mm in thickness. This, depending on the thickness, allows the floor to be sanded a number of times over its lifetime.
Engineered flooring can be fitted floating (each board is glued to the adjacent board, and not glued to the concrete beneath,) or fitted glued to the concrete floor, and is particularly suitable for underfloor heating.


Laminate flooring is made up of a hard wearing decorative top layer constructed from synthetic materials on a HDF core. As such this flooring is not made from real wood and consequently cannot be sanded and renovated. It is hard wearing and economically priced, but it's not real timber.